Control Systems Cybersecurity USA (8th annual live) Control Systems Cybersecurity USA (8th annual live)

How to Approach Cybersecurity in a Transitional Industry (Physical Live)

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Franky Thrasher
ENGIE Electrabel, Nuclear Cybersecurity Manager

Franky Thrasher is  a cyber-security researcher and information security officer in this role he specialize in researching industrial control system security and he have developed and successfully implemented a cyber-security program specifically dedicated to critical infrastructure, namely both nuclear power plants in Belgium along with all the companies gas fired, coal and combined heat cycle power plants.  He has been active in information security roles for nearly 20 years in many different sectors, manufacturing, utilities and services. he am an accomplished public speaker having spoken at many professional conferences across the globe and as a guest speaker at the University of Genoa , Mercer University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology .

A deeper discussion into cybersecurity for a post operational world, dismantlement, inventory tracking and management and the challenges for operational decommissioning.