Control Systems Cybersecurity USA (8th annual live) Control Systems Cybersecurity USA (8th annual live)

Industrial Defender Asset Management Demo

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Asset visibility and management are two distinct but equally indispensable aspects of industrial cybersecurity. Ensuring visibility and management solutions can work in parallel to make the data received actionable is crucial. 

A simple way to do this is to use a single tool that offers asset visibility and management in one place, with both active and passive options. Gaining situational awareness through asset visibility, and self-control through asset management can prepare your OT systems to withstand cyber threats.


Industrial Defender safely collects, monitors and manages your OT assets at scale using agent, agentless or passive data collection methods.


Watch this demo to learn how our solution goes beyond asset visibility to enable you to:

  • Quickly onboard and decommission assets
  • Analyze how your assets are changing over time
  • Create baselines to monitor for anomalies in an asset’s software, patches, ports & services, firewall rules, user accounts and more