Control Systems Cybersecurity USA (8th annual live) Control Systems Cybersecurity USA (8th annual live)

Panel Case Study: Business Continuity Planning, How TPA successfully navigated and prepared for the pandemic. (Physical)

Ray Secrest
Tampa International Airport (TPA), Sr. Manager, Information Security

Ray Secrest is the Sr. Manager of Information Security at Tampa International Airport (TPA).  He is a proven security professional and leader of security teams and programs specializing in risk-reduction, compliance, vulnerability assessments, security awareness and training across the enterprise. He has a passion for using his knowledge to educate staff authority-wide on current security liabilities that aid in the protection of TPA from the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.  


Prior to joining TPA, Ray worked for various fortune 100 companies and focused on Digital Forensics, Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Management, Incident Response, Security Operations, and Leadership Development.  These experiences have accumulated industry related proficiencies while keeping him focused on tangible opportunities to improve a business’ security posture. Ray has 20+ years in Information Security and holds several certifications:  CISSP, CEH, GCIH. He volunteers for BSides of Tampa Security Conference, along with the USF Cybersecurity for Executives program.


In his spare time, Ray enjoys working with his hands, including  woodworking, small hobby projects, and spending time in nature.  As time permits with his busy schedule Ray enjoys the time gets to spend with his kids currently off to college, both in and out of state.

Aimee Pidgeon
Tampa Airport, Manager, Emergency Management and Special Projects

Aimee Pidgeon has 20 years of experience in the public sector.  She currently serves as the Emergency Management and Special Projects Manager for the Tampa International Airport. 

Aimee leads the agency in many large-scale planning functions, including sports event planning, conference planning, incident response planning, continuity planning, and other disaster-related operational planning efforts and training.  She manages the department’s college internship program and also participates in several educational forums around the state of Florida. Most recently, Aimee led the Tampa International Airport’s planning team for Super Bowl LV, collaborating with the NFL, Host Committee, and Law Enforcement agencies around Hillsborough County. Previously, she held a position in Law Enforcement Compliance for the Tampa International Airport.  Prior to joining the Airport, Aimee spent 13 years at the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and held positions in Compliance, Administration, and Budget Management. 

Aimee is a member of the Association of Continuity Professionals (ACP), American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) – Emergency Management Committee, Florida Emergency Preparedness Agency (FEPA) - Higher Education Committee, and Florida Airports Council (FAC) – Education Committee.  She is a past-Vice Chair of the Education Committee for the Florida Airports Council.

Aimee Pidgeon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of South Florida. 

·       How the vision developed and why we felt this journey was necessary 

·       Identifying gaps in current plans and understanding the stakeholders in planning 

·       Breaking down silo's between departments - A look at the challenges, how do we bring the vision to fruition?

·       Collaboration between IT and Operations Maturing of our efforts and their impacts (enhanced security, cultural shift in taking ownership of cyber/operational interconnectivity)

·       What we see in the future