Data Science Connect Conference 2021 Data Science Connect Conference 2021


Thursday, October 21, 2021

Data Science Made Real
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Gowri Selka
Gowri Selka
Volantsys Analytics, CEO, Founder

Workshop Overview:

Join us to learn some best practices to apply data science technology to transform your business. Currently, 80% of advanced predictive analytics solutions using AI and Machine Learning technologies fail. Reason: - lack of knowledge and methodology to the diverse team of Business Analysts, Product Managers and Data Analysts. - Failure to collaboratively develop solutions that effectively address business needs. The knowledge you would gain will help you gain practical ways to address these challenges.

Intended Audience: 

You are a product or project manager to apply data science/AI capabilities in your business solution You are an executive to leverage AI capabilities in transforming your business You are a business analyst to ensure right data science solution is developed

Topics Covered:

Analytics project lifecycle and how it differs from traditional project development Best practices to engage diverse team to develop clear business problem Ways to measure solution success

Workshop Takeaways: 

Learn research questions to ask to apply data science in business Learn project management techniques to successfully deliver data science solutions

Friday, October 22, 2021