Data Science Connect Conference 2022: What Lies Ahead Data Science Connect Conference 2022: What Lies Ahead



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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

#AI #MachineLearning #Analytics #CloudComputing #DataScience Data Operations Data Strategy Machine Learning Manufacturing AI data practitioner infrastructure manager leadership
Manufacturing Analytics: Driving Productivity, Profitability, and Transformation
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Amit Dingare
Amit Dingare Novelis, Director of Data Science & Insights
Attila Lengyel
Attila Lengyel Intel Corporation, Senior Director, Capability & Analytics
Jai Prakash
Jai Prakash Beam Suntory, Director of Planning Analytics & Technology
Evan Kang
Evan Kang FedEx, Sr. Decision Scientist
Moe Saleh, PhD
Moe Saleh, PhD OshKosh Corporation, Chief Engineer - Data Team Manager
Amy Tenanes
Amy Tenanes Dell Technologies, ech-Focused Marketing and Brand Strategist
communication data literacy data-driven presenting
Winning the Room: Creating and Delivering an Effective Data-Driven Presentation
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Bill Franks
Bill Franks School of Data Science and Analytics at Kennesaw State University, Director of the Center for Statistics and Analytical Research
Meet & Greet Session: AtScale
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Andres Rigoni
Andres Rigoni AtScale, Director, Corporate Solutions Engineering
#AI #MachineLearning CDO Data Operations data engineering data management data practitioner infrastructure manager leadership
The Decade of the Data Engineer
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Evren Sirin
Evren Sirin Stardog, CTO and Co-founder
Navin Sharma
Navin Sharma Stardog, VP, Product
Ash Naseer
Ash Naseer Warner Bros. Discovery, Senior Director of Data Engineering
Michael Sick
Michael Sick Alto, Director, Data Engineering & Integration
Jessica Larson
Jessica Larson Pinterest, Data Engineer
#AI #MachineLearning #DataScience CDO Data Operations Data Science Data Strategy data engineering data practitioner leadership
Data Science: What Lies Ahead
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Kajanan Sangaralingam
Kajanan Sangaralingam Mobilewalla, Head of Data Science
Henry Clavo
Henry Clavo Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Data Engineer
Gautam Krishna
Gautam Krishna Cox Communications, Senior Manager of Data Science
Aleena Taufiq
Aleena Taufiq Senior Data Scientist, Senior Data Scientist
Nechama Katan
Nechama Katan Pfizer, Director of Data Science
#DataScientist CDO Data Strategy aiethics data practitioner democracy leadership
Is Everyone a Data Scientist? Democratizing Data in the 21st Century
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Sarah Nooravi
Sarah Nooravi SnapChat, Data Scientist
Taj Pirzada
Taj Pirzada Nike, Director - Head of AI, North America
Shashank Goswami
Shashank Goswami CVS Health, Data Scientist
Christopher Peter Makris
Christopher Peter Makris Dataiku, Data Science Manager
Ian Murray
Ian Murray Google, Analytics & Data Science Lead, Trust & Safety
Anu Addanki
Anu Addanki Netflix, Director, Data Science and Engineering

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Let’s Jump into Python!
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A Rieker
A Rieker Agnes Scott College, Teaching Assistant
EDA Tips and Tricks: Building Better Data Pipelines
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Kajanan Sangaralingam
Kajanan Sangaralingam Mobilewalla, Head of Data Science
Anindya Datta
Anindya Datta Mobilewalla, Chief Executive Officer
Honest-ML: A Tool for Machine Learning with Confidence
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Eric Schles
Eric Schles Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Principal Data Scientist