Data Science for K-12 Data Science for K-12


Dawn Lu

Data Scientist

Nechama Katan, PhD

Director of Data Science

Tom Murickan

Student Ambassador

Sarah Nooravi

Data Scientist

Sharon Torrence Jones PhD

thedot.Consulting & The Dottie Rose Foundation
Founder & CEO

Joyce Myers

U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command
Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Kratik Malholtra

Texas A&M Football Team
Head of Data Science

Frances Boykin, PhD

Principal Advanced Analytics Manager

Debbie Durrence

Gwinnett County Public Schools
Chief Data Officer

Vika Viktoria

Stories That Shift

Brian Mink, Esq

Norfolk Southern Corporation
Legal Operations Director

Vida Williams

Chief Data Officer/Chief Diversity Officer

Meg Ray

Cornell Tech
K-12 Education Advisor

Vienna Thompkins, MPA

Community Resources for Justice (CRJ)
Senior Data & Policy Specialist, Crime and Justice Institute

Jennifer Priestley, PhD

Kennesaw State University
Professor of Statistics and Data Science Analytics

Ganapathi Pulipaka, PhD

Chief AI Scientist

Hannah Arnson, PhD

Pandata LLC
Director Data Science

Bill Franks

Kennesaw State University, School of Data Science and Analytics
Director of the Center for Statistics and Analytical Research

Amelia (Martin) Mink

Data Science Connect
Founder / CEO