Data Science for K-12 Data Science for K-12

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Taking the Path of Data Science through Physics, Quantum Computing, Finance, Medicine, and Software Development 🪂
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Anish R. Verma
Anish R. Verma
STEM Fellowship, Chief Data Officer

Data Science is one of the most important fields in the modern digital age, with boundless opportunities for you as a student. People often see Data Science as a daunting thing, however, it is simply a tool that anyone can learn and follow to success, regardless of their background and education. All it takes is a little passion and the drive to get started!

In this talk I'll showcase how Data Science can be applied to virtually any discipline. I'll highlight the success of it in Medicine, Finance, Physics, Quantum Computing, and more! To end off the talk, I'll walk you along the path I took to get to where I am today. By the end of the talk, I'll demonstrate how you are miles ahead of where I was when I was your age!