Data Science for K-12 Data Science for K-12

Thursday, June 17, 2021

From Domain to Data Science: How Data is Transforming Careers in Every Industry 🚀
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Brian Mink, Esq
Brian Mink, Esq
InTown Suites, General Counsel & VP of Risk Management

What does data science have to do with practicing law? In this talk, Brian Mink, the chief legal officer for national extended stay chain InTown Suites, will describe his path to data science and how it changed the course of his legal career. Brian will share his experiences using data to reduce risk and create value for large national companies, and explain why data literacy will become a fundamental skillset for professionals in every industry over the next decade. Brian will leave attendees with practical advice they can put to use today to equip themselves with data science expertise no matter what career they plan to pursue.