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Thursday, June 17, 2021

F1/10 Autonomous Racing - 1/10 the Scale, 10 Times the Fun! 🚘
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Madhur Behl, PhD
Madhur Behl, PhD
University of Virginia, Assistant Professor

F1/10 is an international autonomous racing competition which exposes the participants to the foundations of perception, planning and control in a fun, and challenging environment. Participating teams race vehicles with similar hardware specification and try to outsmart, and outpace each other in a battle of algorithms. We’re bringing together more than 50 research labs and tech institutions from around the world who have built F1/10 platforms till date.

Few things focus the mind and excite the spirit like a competition. In the early days of racing, competitors first had to build their vehicles before they could race them. It was thus as much an engineering as a racing competition. We want to rekindle that competitive spirit for autonomous systems. In this talk I will introduce the F1/10 Autonomous Racing platform and describe how it can be used for research, education, and outreach in autonomy.