Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Let’s Tackle Tech Inclusion!

Let’s face it, the news lately has been a bit grim on the tech front. From Uber, GitHub, and even Google, tech inclusion is all over the news. It's about time we stopped talking about tech inclusion and do something about it. After years of creating more inclusive and diverse communities, Wetogethr has developed an immersive, hands-on workshop that lays out several steps for improving inclusion within organizations and startups.

In our workshop, we will tackle:
-How job descriptions determine the “types” of candidates who apply
- Why your company team page says way more than you think
- How to organically build pipelines to your organization to attract the best and the brightest talent
- How to retain and develop diverse talent in your organization

This is going to be the most ‘realest’ workshop you can take part in.