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BizDevOps: A Business-First Approach to DevOps

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DevOps is a cultural shift aimed to streamline inter-group communication and improve operational efficiency for development and operations groups. Over time, inclusion of other IT groups under the DevOps umbrella became the norm for a lot of organizations. But even with broadening the boundaries of the definition, the DevOps conversations has been largely devoid of talk about business units’ place at the table.

One of the more common mistakes companies can make while going through the DevOps transformation is to draw a line for cross department inclusion at IT. If that occurs - a bigger, more inclusive, silo within the company is created, operating in an informational vacuum, often causing operational efficiencies and goal misalignment.

The goal for any tech-centric group is not to build and/or architect the best technology, but rather to effectively support business. Yet, many technical groups are either not privy, or don't bother to understanding the business goals and overarching effects of the technical decisions made.

This talk draws from decades of my own experience working on both sides of the fence, and covers key areas and feedback points in every DevOps process fit for inclusion of business units in order to align technology decision and business goals. Some of the topics covered will include:
- inclusion business units in existing agile processes
- benefits of cross-departmental monitoring
- business-first approach to technology decisions