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Developing Effective Trainings for Start-Up Employees

The Hive 2.0

Many different DC agencies offer free or low-cost education and training in workforce development. While many agencies have begun investing in entrepreneurship trainings, we are also interested in the employment needs of start-ups themselves. This roundtable will create space for DC agencies to hear from start-ups about their employment needs and the types of skills that would most help them in hiring a more diverse employment base. 

Where do startups currently recruit from? What are the skills the next generation of entrepreneurs need? We will have a series of roundtable conversations to enable a discussion between our organizations to talk in smaller groups about how to build a workforce that is not only starting businesses but ready to be hired by the fastest growing industries.

NOTE: We will be in the Anacostia Art Center (next door and above The Hive) to accommodate more people! Follow the signs!