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The Public Good App House: Apps for Social Good and Public Good Technology

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The Public Good App House is a non-profit initiative that promotes local technology responses to global problems, using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the taxonomy. We advocate for more sharing around developed technology projects, so that communities worldwide can benefit from open-source or free technology tools, even if they were created half a world away. The Public Good App House works on creating and supporting community around technology for social good, and amplifies the reach of technology projects that work towards solving community problems. During the presentation, we will show examples of innovative apps that have been demoed during our events, We will show the wiki that we use to catalog public good apps, and make a call to action for others to help raise the profile of local projects that are working towards attaining the SDGs.

We are actively seeking demo participants to share their public good technology apps and projects at a festival-style conference to be held in DC this coming November.

Come to learn about the larger community initiative and the festival in this session.