Monday, September 11, 2017

Seed Your Tech Without Ceding Control

If you are a tech startup you are struggling to prove your hypothesis, develop a prototype, find a customer and ensure a market fit, all on a minimal budget. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would pay you to develop your prototype? If your technology happens to solve a problem of interest to the government you may be able to get seed funding to build a prototype without giving up equity in your company. Each year the government invests a billion dollars in the development of technology for small businesses through the Small Business Investment Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. Join us as we take a practical look at how the programs work and explore the good and bad of developing technology solutions with government funding. We'll share common myths about working with Uncle Sam and answer questions to help you decide if these programs can help your startup.

How to tell your Startup Story!

Any growing startup knows the importance of communicating value to a variety of stakeholders - potential customers, investors, and talent. In this session, you will learn the art of crafting a narrative and how to employ it across different channels and audiences. It won't suck!

Startup Tools: Mobilizing Your Volunteers

This workshop will help organization leaders learn how to recruit talented staff and volunteers and keep them engaged and motivated to work with excellence. Attendees will learn the basics of recruitment, orientation, training, appreciation, management and mobilization.

How to create effective position descriptions
Where to recruit volunteers, interns and staff
How to train volunteers, interns and staff
How to show appreciation for your team members
Intended Audience: Executive director, board members, startup founders, volunteer coordinators, development staff, and program staff.

How to execute a data-driven growth strategy: A workshop for Startup Founders and Growth Hackers

Growth is critical to the future of your business, but doing so strategically and consistently can be one of the greatest challenges that startup founders face. In this workshop, we’ll chat about three critical growth areas: Retention, Viral Growth and Paid Growth. We’ll analyze successful strategies and share tangible, data-driven tools that you can immediately put to use to grow your business.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Starting a #MadeinDC Business and its Economic Impact

How can connecting small and local businesses in DC with big businesses and institutions spur economic development? In conversations with Think Local First DC, a nonprofit business alliance, and Cureate Connect, an innovative procurement platform, local makers and business owners will share their stories of finding meaningful connections in growing their operations and community by working together. 

Developing Effective Trainings for Start-Up Employees

Many different DC agencies offer free or low-cost education and training in workforce development. While many agencies have begun investing in entrepreneurship trainings, we are also interested in the employment needs of start-ups themselves. This roundtable will create space for DC agencies to hear from start-ups about their employment needs and the types of skills that would most help them in hiring a more diverse employment base. 

Where do startups currently recruit from? What are the skills the next generation of entrepreneurs need? We will have a series of roundtable conversations to enable a discussion between our organizations to talk in smaller groups about how to build a workforce that is not only starting businesses but ready to be hired by the fastest growing industries.

NOTE: We will be in the Anacostia Art Center (next door and above The Hive) to accommodate more people! Follow the signs!

BizDevOps: A Business-First Approach to DevOps

DevOps is a cultural shift aimed to streamline inter-group communication and improve operational efficiency for development and operations groups. Over time, inclusion of other IT groups under the DevOps umbrella became the norm for a lot of organizations. But even with broadening the boundaries of the definition, the DevOps conversations has been largely devoid of talk about business units’ place at the table.

One of the more common mistakes companies can make while going through the DevOps transformation is to draw a line for cross department inclusion at IT. If that occurs - a bigger, more inclusive, silo within the company is created, operating in an informational vacuum, often causing operational efficiencies and goal misalignment.

The goal for any tech-centric group is not to build and/or architect the best technology, but rather to effectively support business. Yet, many technical groups are either not privy, or don't bother to understanding the business goals and overarching effects of the technical decisions made.

This talk draws from decades of my own experience working on both sides of the fence, and covers key areas and feedback points in every DevOps process fit for inclusion of business units in order to align technology decision and business goals. Some of the topics covered will include:
- inclusion business units in existing agile processes
- benefits of cross-departmental monitoring
- business-first approach to technology decisions

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Making it Rain: Attracting Funding & Finding Investors If You're A Minority Founder

Join Black Female Founders (#BFF) as we discuss the holy grail for all startups - getting funding for your business! Attracting investors and securing capital does not have to be daunting quest or impossible for minority/diverse founders. In this provactive and interactive panel, our financing and investment experts will share their extensive expertise, on how to break through the wall of the mostly exclusive ‘investor club’.

During our panel we will discuss how to:
- Grow your network of investors and advisors
- Overcome any deficits to keep investors on board
-Develop alternative sources of funding
- Gage when best to reach out to investors
- Decide how much equity to give an investor
- And more...

Come hear and learn how to grow equity and build your business!

All Your Start Up Legal Questions Answered - for Free!

One of my two specialties is start-ups. I will host a panel where I discuss the most common legal challenges facing most start-ups (C Corp or LLC, how to bring in funds, IP rights, licensing, employees versus contractors, incorporating in DC, Virginia or Md) and give simple answers. Come prepared with questions!

Let’s Tackle Tech Inclusion!

Let’s face it, the news lately has been a bit grim on the tech front. From Uber, GitHub, and even Google, tech inclusion is all over the news. It's about time we stopped talking about tech inclusion and do something about it. After years of creating more inclusive and diverse communities, Wetogethr has developed an immersive, hands-on workshop that lays out several steps for improving inclusion within organizations and startups.

In our workshop, we will tackle:
-How job descriptions determine the “types” of candidates who apply
- Why your company team page says way more than you think
- How to organically build pipelines to your organization to attract the best and the brightest talent
- How to retain and develop diverse talent in your organization

This is going to be the most ‘realest’ workshop you can take part in.

From Google: Success on Google Play - Store Listing Conversion Rate

Learn how to increase your Android Mobile App installs by understanding your store visitors, creating a compelling store listing, running store listing experiments and analyzing/replying to reviews.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Most Important GrowthHack: Why and How Mission-focused Businesses Rise to the Top

Leah Nurik, CEO of Gabriel Marketing Group, one of the tech industry’s fastest growing marketing/PR agencies, will speak on how some of the world’s most innovative and mission-focused tech companies are unleashing the power of digital marketing and PR to drive growth and rise to the top. Leah will also share noteworthy tricks for building out your team’s knowledge base to put your brand on the hyper growth track.

Happy Hour!

In 2013 Alex Skatell followed his passion and launched a business in a very challenging industry

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Transformations Wrought by Information Technology

Topics include:

  • Has IT Brought a Veritable Revolution? The Internet of Things
  • Will it Dull our Wits? New Dimensions, New Horizons 
  • Government Data Hunger: Back Doors, Solving Encryption

Stay tuned for more info!

The Old and the New in the Lore of Business: Education of the Entrepreneur

Come join us for a conversation on: 

  • Technology: Re-Configuring Old Wisdom, Business Schools, Incubators, Business Centers
  • A Few Special Hurdles for Women Entrepreneurs? STEM (and STEAM) Studies for Women and Girls
  • Technology in the Entrepreneurial Life

Stay tuned for more info!

D.C. The Treasure Trove on the Potomac – Fashioning Your Enterprise

Topics include:

  • Forms of Business Organization
  • The D.C. Regulatory Structure
  • The BUSINESS PLAN The Green Bank
  • Financial Management and Access to Capital
  • The Sources of Investment Funds: Banks? D.C. Micro-Finance? Venture Capital? Your Own or Friends’ Resources?

Stay tuned for more info!

Commercial Use of the Internet and Other Communications Media

Topics include:

  • Data collection by internet content producers
  • the Privacy Conundrums The limits of Consumer Consent; Broadband and WiFi: Building the Industry Edifice

Stay tuned for more info!

The Marketing Task For the Minority Firm

Topics being discussed:

  • Savvy, Skills, and Planning
  • Government Aids
  • Private Sector Rules of the RoadMarketing for Women-Owned Businesses
  • The Science and Art of Small/Minority Enterprise Marketing
  • Women’s Business Ownership
  • Contracting Preferences
  • "8(a)", HUB Zones
The Global Dimensions of Your Market

Come join as we speak with the U.S. Small Business Administration, International Trade with a focus focus on Latin America, East Asia.