Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Patent Chart: Get a Patent Treasure Map and Learn About Patents

The Patent Chart: Get a Patent Treasure Map and Learn About Patents Work by Fighting an Underwater Sea Kracken

Yes, that's right, come to our interactive presentation where you can learn about patents by loading up your submarine and fighting an underwater sea kraken.

As you figure out your go-to market strategy, protecting your idea is important. We’ve developed a simple flowchart to help entrepreneurs examine whether or not they should file for a patent. Join Dr. Eric Leininger, registered patent agent and CEO of PatentDive, for a fun and fast info session on patents and startups. At the end of the session you can take the Patent Chart Treasure Map home with you.

In this session, entrepreneurs will learn:

Why patents are important for their businesses

The types of US patents and what they protect

What is a patent claim and how do patent work

Common pitfalls when getting a patent and how to navigate around them

Friday, September 15, 2017

Balancing Features, Functions, and Funds

In an ideal world we would have unlimited budgets to apply cool technologies to solve high impact problems with the most talented people in the world. In our world we don't. This session identifies the keys to creating amazing products while balancing the natural pressures features functions and funds