AT&T Forum

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Transformations Wrought by Information Technology

Topics include:

  • Has IT Brought a Veritable Revolution? The Internet of Things
  • Will it Dull our Wits? New Dimensions, New Horizons 
  • Government Data Hunger: Back Doors, Solving Encryption

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The Old and the New in the Lore of Business: Education of the Entrepreneur

Come join us for a conversation on: 

  • Technology: Re-Configuring Old Wisdom, Business Schools, Incubators, Business Centers
  • A Few Special Hurdles for Women Entrepreneurs? STEM (and STEAM) Studies for Women and Girls
  • Technology in the Entrepreneurial Life

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D.C. The Treasure Trove on the Potomac – Fashioning Your Enterprise

Topics include:

  • Forms of Business Organization
  • The D.C. Regulatory Structure
  • The BUSINESS PLAN The Green Bank
  • Financial Management and Access to Capital
  • The Sources of Investment Funds: Banks? D.C. Micro-Finance? Venture Capital? Your Own or Friends’ Resources?

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Dialogue on Diversity Reception: Lunch & Learn

FREE Lunch Provided.

Join the community gathering as DC Government officials engage and disucss latest efforts to create equal access and opportunity for minority and low-income populations across Washingotn DC.

Commercial Use of the Internet and Other Communications Media

Topics include:

  • Data collection by internet content producers
  • the Privacy Conundrums The limits of Consumer Consent; Broadband and WiFi: Building the Industry Edifice

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The Marketing Task For the Minority Firm

Topics being discussed:

  • Savvy, Skills, and Planning
  • Government Aids
  • Private Sector Rules of the RoadMarketing for Women-Owned Businesses
  • The Science and Art of Small/Minority Enterprise Marketing
  • Women’s Business Ownership
  • Contracting Preferences
  • "8(a)", HUB Zones
The Global Dimensions of Your Market

Come join as we speak with the U.S. Small Business Administration, International Trade with a focus focus on Latin America, East Asia.

Dialogue on Diversity Reception: Hispanic Heritage Month Kick-Off — Mariachi Performance

Join the hispanic community to launch Hispanic Heritage Month, complete with Mariachi Band and Reception.