Embassy of Australia

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Netwalking: Walking while Networking

Come join us for a Netwalk: walking while networking. Sneakers or comfortable shoes Recommeded. Start location will be announced in September.

Netwalking® is an innovative company located in the District of Columbia with an emphasis on increasing access to healthy lifestyles for people and companies in DC and around the country.  Netwalking’s trademark creates unique walks for clients featuring distinctive urban spaces.  Each Netwalk features curated interactive activities shaped to energize, connect, and engage participants in thinking outside the box and fostering genuine relationships. The active nature of each Netwalk helps inspire companies and professionals as they strategize solutions and new ideas. 

No two Netwalks are alike, as Netwalking develops these creative journeys to meet each Netwalker’s needs.  These individualized creative experiences are a service unlike any other complete with specialized mapping of the city and content creation online where clients can learn about the benefits of Netwalking and have the opportunity as a client to introduce their own journalistic perspective on these endeavors to foster a sense of community and well-being that go beyond the four walls of any business. 

No prior knowledge is necessary. Each Netwalk will include a specific Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) route made to maximize the time and resources available ensuring inclusivity for all fitness levels.