Logan Exchange

Monday, September 11, 2017

How to Build a Career You Love

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current job? If so, you're not alone! Mission Collaborative is a community of young professional that hosts free career transition workshops to help you build a career you love. In this session, we'll give you a taste for the unique ways we facilitate career transitions and share information about our upcoming workshops. You deserve to do work you love, so let's make it happen!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

How to be Mentally Stable During Unstable Times! Sponsored by AtWork Systems!

It’s easy to tell someone to be confident, move on from the last mistake, lock-in, don’t over-think it, don’t fear failure, or any of the many other mental strategies we casually demand of ourselves or of our team. However, it is quite another to actually implement these skills when we need them the most.

The life of a start up entrepreneur is incredibly exciting and fulfilling, but it is also complete with multiple moments that require our absolute best and is not for the feint of heart.  Great reward is often preceded by great risk.  The tough days that don’t quite work out the way its planned, or the “big” meetings that feel like they must be a success can create the same type of emotions that elite athletes go through during their most intense moments in competitions.   

While most entrepreneurs have a spirit that drives them towards this environment even the best of us experience the range of emotions that are part and parcel of the process.  It doesn’t mean that we are weak, or “not cut out for it”, it simply means we are human.  

This session is designed to help the participants learn real life mental skills in order stay focused and confident through the ups and downs the start up process.  These strategies are applicable for the real world of business, and can be continually practiced so that we get better and better at them. 

Coffee will be provided by Sunniva! 

So You Think You Need A Web App: Practical First Steps for Non-Technical Founders

Most founders start with a great idea, fail to execute, and then blame it on not having a technical co-founder.

Don't let that be you.

Stop by and learn alongside other non-technical founders how to sidestep the "I NEED A(UNICORN) TECHNICAL CO-FOUNDER" rabbit hole, get to product-market fit, and attract investment for your start-up.

Where did my money go? Personal Finance for Founders

In a world of raising money, spending it, and trying to make it, sometimes we can forget to manage our own. You may have the idea but do you have the wherewithal to back it up? Come learn how to better manage your personal finances. There is something for everyone regardless if you have taken the plunge into entrepreneurship or want to jump in.

Calling Tech Startups: Talk with Early Stage Investment Fund (Lunch included)

Join us for a chat about early-stage startups, different investment models, views on the current startup ecosystem, how and where to get funding and whether or not a founder needs an immediate team before producing an MVP.

This event is brought to you by Lucey Fund. They are actively looking for early stage tech startups to invest in. 

Turning Startup Expenses Into Free Travel

Learn tips and tricks on the credit card and frequent flyer world for both business and personal travel. Max will reveal the best credit cards for individuals and startups to have. By the end of this session, you will figure out how to use your personal and business expenses to take more free trips every year for only the price of a cup of coffee.

Netwalking: Walking While Networking

Come join us for a Netwalk: walking while networking. We will start at Logan Exchange at 3:15. Sneakers or comfortable shoes Recommeded.

Netwalking® is an innovative company located in the District of Columbia with an emphasis on increasing access to healthy lifestyles for people and companies in DC and around the country.  Netwalking’s trademark creates unique walks for clients featuring distinctive urban spaces.  Each Netwalk features curated interactive activities shaped to energize, connect, and engage participants in thinking outside the box and fostering genuine relationships. The active nature of each Netwalk helps inspire companies and professionals as they strategize solutions and new ideas. 

No two Netwalks are alike, as Netwalking develops these creative journeys to meet each Netwalker’s needs.  These individualized creative experiences are a service unlike any other complete with specialized mapping of the city and content creation online where clients can learn about the benefits of Netwalking and have the opportunity as a client to introduce their own journalistic perspective on these endeavors to foster a sense of community and well-being that go beyond the four walls of any business. 

No prior knowledge is necessary. Each Netwalk will include a specific Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) route made to maximize the time and resources available ensuring inclusivity for all fitness levels. 

Did You Account For That?

Founder of GSP, Zach Giegel has over 35 clients and that is not a coincidence. That's because startups have different needs than larger companies. Come join us and find out if you are prepared to take your idea to the next level.

Happy Hour!

Come hang out with team Mapbox at Logan Exchange for DC Startup Week! Enjoy some drinks, snacks, and the opportunity to toy with some of our latest AR demos.