University of the District of Columbia

Thursday, September 14, 2017

DC Food Hubs: Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The University of DC is building food hubs across the city -- centers where food production, distribution, processing and composting will take place side by side. Entrepreneurship is a huge part of the food hub goal, and UDC is eager to hear from food entrepreneurs about how these sites could serve you, as well as share the opportunity to collaborate to gain access to lower cost growing spaces, commercial kitchen space for new food processing businesses, and more. We'll share a bit about our current food hubs, the hope for the model, and the goal for collaboration with entrepreneurs. Come with your ideas of how you'd use aquaponics greenhouses, rooftop gardens and kitchens to prepare this produce!


We will begin by hearing the scope of the challenge of agricultural seconds -- the slightly damaged or misshapen produce that gets thrown away because it doesn't meet restaurant and supermarket first quality criteria -- and the scope of the economic opportunity. We will hear about a few organizations already working in the space here in and hear firsthand about the possibilities within seconds. We will close out the session in a large-scale brainstorm, hearing from anyone interested in or considering their own food business using seconds as a prime material source.