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Designing Your Business Model For Social Impact*

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Lauren McDanell
SEED SPOT, Vice President of Programs

Lauren McDanell, VP of Programs at SEED SPOT, leads the organization's program practice, designing and optimizing programs for venture and entrepreneur impact outcomes. Lauren leads SEED SPOT's curriculum methodology, trains and leads the program delivery team, and oversees venture and alumni outcomes. Leveraging over a decade of "rolling up her sleeves" in and alongside VC-backed startups, Lauren brings together entrepreneurship education, community networks of mentors, advisors, and capital partners, and world class resources to empower founders to launch, grow, and scale their social impact ventures. Lauren specializes in impact-driven product and service development, market validation, and achieving early traction. Her fun, upbeat training style encourages experimentation, collaboration, and purposeful action that drives measurable results.

Join SEED SPOT, a global leader in social impact entrepreneurship, for an active virtual workshop to optimize your venture's social impact. Participants will receive a framework for structuring your business model around social impact and tools for benchmarking and evaluating your venture's impact.

*ASL interpreting is being provided by Jeenie mobile video interpreting