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Coach Adam Cobb
Peak Performance Coach and Celebrity Trainer

Coach Adam Cobb is a TEDx Speaker, Teacher, Trainer, Online Movement & Mindset Coach, Host of the 8Days A Week Podcast,
Creator of 8DaysAWeek Supplements & the Signature Program Master Your Morning. Adam makes movement and eating well really simple so high performers can create more time and have more freedom to do what they truly love. When people create more time and freedom he believes they gain access to what he and his clients refer to as living 8DaysAWeek.

Adam is known for creating high level performance results with NBA athletes, body transformations on and off set with Hollywood Actors and Actresses, preventing fatigue by strategizing energy protocols for global Pastors especially while traveling, reducing stress and increasing productivity for CEO's, and increasing stamina and endurance for musicians in preparation for their music tours.
He believes leadership starts and ends with a healthy lifestyle, led by a successful morning practice. That movement is the heartbeat of momentum and that we all have access to endless energy. Adam is on a mission to share his vision of living life as if you have an extra day, a mindset he calls 8 Days A Week

Experience what some of Adam's clients are saying about the transformational work they do together and more about what 8Days means to them by clicking on this video https://youtu.be/DQTqd1_xmmY

Along with being a devoted Duke Integrative Medicine Alumni, he is certified as a Nutritional Consultant, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Practitioner, Strength & Conditioning Coach, 2 Time Olympic Triathlon Competitor, he’s a researcher and results maker who’s not afraid of being a fearless mistake maker as well. While all that sounds scientific and fancy, he prides himself on also being a foodie, who always shares with clients to “never trust a trainer or coach that doesn't eat ice cream or eat pizza.” Adam's favorite ice cream is Coffee Oreo and favorite pizza is Linguica Pizza found in his home town. He's a big adventure guy, always exploring a new beach to watch the sunrise accompanied by his puppy Fergusson, with a journal under one arm and his guitar under the other.