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How to Build Successful Processes and People in Remote Workplaces

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Annie MacLeod
BICS Inc., President

Annie specializes in project management, and for 35 years has provided coaching and training to growing companies to ensure they implement meaningful strategic priorities. Annie has been a leader in rapidly growing and changing organizations, using the power of distributed teams to improve collaboration across organizations and between team members.

Jonathan White
Improve Consulting Group Inc., Principal

Jon is a Lean Consultant who works with progressive organizations to complete their product or service delivery faster, better, and more cost-effectively. Over his 20-year career, Jon has 10 years of experience working in and with distributed teams, and he is currently the North American Virtual Miro User Group Leader, hosting monthly events to showcase the online whiteboard platform Miro.

Ken Cameron
Corporate cultureSHIFT, Facilitator Thinking Differently

Ken specializes in organizational culture, ensuring that individuals and teams are intentional about shaping an environment that is effective, efficient, and engaged. Ken uses his 20-year background in the performing arts to design dynamic workshops and engagements that often result in critical insights and eureka moments.

Laura Hambley
Work EvOHlution, President and Co-Founder

I am an Industrial / Organizational Psychologist, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author who is passionate about making workplaces better and increasing peoples' career fulfillment. My specialties are leadership, team and career development, and creating high performing distributed or mobile workplaces. I believe people should follow their passions, and I have done so through publishing psychological thrillers, Losing Cadence and Finding Sophie.

Areas of Expertise:
- Serial entrepreneur and experienced Industrial / Organizational Psychology Consultant.
- Registered Psychologist with a solid basis of expertise in Career and Leadership Development Psychology.
- Skilled team builder and leader who is passionate about developing effective, collaborative teams.
- Founding partner of the Leadership Success Group (www.leadershipsuccessgroup.com)
- Founder of Calgary Career Counselling (www.calgarycareercounselling.com) and Canada Career Counselling (www.canadacareercounselling.com)
- Co-Founder and President of Work EvOHlution (www.workevohlution.com)
- Published author of 'Losing Cadence' and 'Finding Sophie', psychological thrillers (www.authorlauralovett.com)

Pam Louie
Dynamic Change, Principal

Pam is a digital transformation consultant who works with industry leaders to create unique and highly effective solutions that maximize human potential and creativity by taking advantage of modern technologies. Over her 20-year career, Pam has successfully contributed to and led distributed teams with global consulting firms, professional associations, and Fortune 500 companies.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust a way of working on us that many companies and individuals were just not prepared for. Many organizations have struggled to maintain productivity levels, and organizational culture has been challenged now that virtual meetings have replaced a large portion of in-person meetings. Organizations have had to come to grips with the fact that their customers’ needs have changed, and the way they deliver products and services to customers has also changed.

1.Enable a high-performing culture
2.Adopt Continuous Process Improvement
3.Align the Enterprise
4.Get Results

Join us for a 60-minute panel discussion as the Distributed Success (www.distributedsuccess.com) team discusses four primary factors to succeed in your business.