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Launch Yourself: Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs*

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Kim Cayce
Luna Startup Labs, CEO

As an entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience launching and growing businesses, Kim Cayce knows how tough the journey to success can be for female founders. She created Luna Startup Labs, one of the first global accelerators for female entrepreneurs, to advocate and empower women in business by connecting ambitious female entrepreneurs to the capital, resources, mentors and partners to fuel their growth. Kim has helped raise millions of dollars of capital for innovative organizations, created a luxury fitness line that sold in over 300 stores worldwide, and later launched a global digital marketing agency that supported early stage startups and positioned them for rapid growth. She currently serves as the CEO for Luna Startup Labs, as a board member for Citrine Angels, is a member of the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, and a TEDx organizer. In 2020, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Kim launched her first Venture Philanthropy fund, the Washington Women Entrepreneurs COVID-19 Recovery Fund to provide emergency funding and support for women in the Greater Washington Area.

This course gives you the tools to build a professional personal brand that attracts the opportunities you want and positions you as an expert in your industry. You will learn how to craft a brand that is authentic, memorable, distinctive, credible and powerful using the same principles as leading global brands.

What You’ll Learn:
Get started by understanding what you want your personal brand to do for you and get inspiration from others who are doing it well. Discover how to create a personal brand that matches your objectives, aspirations and unique attributes. You will be empowered to bring your brand to life and grow your online presence to set you apart, build your platform and bring you opportunities.

Why you want to learn it: You'll be better equipped to use the branding tactics deployed by the biggest brands in the world, and apply a proven formula to define, design and deliver a powerful personal brand that brings you professional success and opportunities. Whether you are launching a new business, searching for new clients, media mentions, book deals, promotion, sales, professional opportunities, board seats, speaking engagements, executive positions, or business partnerships - by investing in personal branding you will elevate yourself and your organization.

How it will help you:
You will increase your influence, independence and income by creating a brand that proves your value and worth as an expert. Increase your visibility, use social media to position yourself as an emerging thought leader and prove your value in your industry. You’ll gain clarity, build more self-awareness and show the world what matters to YOU!