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Lunch & Learn: How to Manage Your Product Team*

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Neil Shah
ThinkNimble, CEO

Neil Shah is CEO and co-founder at ThinkNimble and was an executive at exited startup, Aspire. Neil is an experienced developer and entrepreneur, founding a student-led entrepreneurship incubator during his days at Georgetown and never stopping since. Neil works as acting CTO for many startups through ThinkNimble and helps founders scope their tech builds and plan their fundraising strategy alongside a strong product plan.

William Huster
CTO, ThinkNimble

William Huster is CTO and co-founder at ThinkNimble and was an executive at exited startup, Aspire. William started out as a product and user experience designer, shifting over time to full-stack engineering. He therefore champions a decidedly user-oriented approach to product engineering. William leads the engineering team at ThinkNimble, where developers are encouraged to embody this "Product Engineer" mindset focused on delivering high-quality results to end users.

Millions of dollars are wasted annually by companies who aren't taking a strategic approach to building technology and managing their product team well. By applying a systematic approach to building your technology, you can ensure you're applying the right pressure at the right time to meet your business goals. Join us and learn more about the agile process ThinkNimble, a software development agency focused on helping entrepreneurs succeed, has developed that has helped dozens of startup clients build technology in a smart, sustainable way.

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