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The Art of the Possible: A New Story for Data

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Robbie Fraleigh
The Pennsylvania State University Applied Research Laboratory, Assistant Research Professor

Robbie Fraleigh (pr: Fray-lee) is an Assistant Research Professor at The Pennsylvania State University Applied Research Laboratory (Reston, Virginia) and Faculty Contributor to the Penn State Applied Biological Research Laboratory.

Fraleigh works at the intersection of data analytics and information design, focused on the human experience of data landscapes in decision-making and discernment. He uses interactive visual analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning to build highly interactive web-applications that give people access to data from multiple perspectives.

Fraleigh is the first to insist that what he offers isn’t the latest and greatest tech. Instead, he aims to offer new lenses to view our work. He believes that by articulating the key questions at play, we can explore, reframe, and refocus the outcomes of data-driven questions.

Website: robbiefraleigh.com

In the universe of possibility, you set the context and let life unfold.”
― Rosamund Stone Zander, The Art of Possibility

Every client has that moment in them, the thing that lets you know that what you made was what they wanted and needed, the moment they light up and say, “Yes, this is it.” And it’s the dream for anyone at the intersection of tech development and client services. Because when our clients experience that moment of possibility with a clear ROI, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t made the shiniest new toy on the market. They will move heaven and earth to keep working with you.

But the road to possibility can have many distractions. As data scientists, UX designers, product developers, project managers, software engineers, etc. we live between what we know how to do, what our clients say they want, and what our clients actually want. We’re translators as much as programmers, getting from client needs to technical solutions.

The trick, the goal, the plan, to find pathways that let your clients experience POSSIBILITY.

In this talk, we’ll look at a new lens for tech and clients that increases the effectiveness of what we make for our people.