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The Feminine Economy: Leaving Exploitative Business Behind⁠

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Adriana Mendoza
Femme Fatale DC, Creative Director and COO

Adriana Mendoza is the Creative Director and Operations Manager at Femme Fatale DC, a dynamic community that supports and amplifies womxn in business and in life. Adriana is a cultivator. Whether it is elevating the presentation of a product, forming new collaborations, testing ideas with fellow womxn, Adriana creates the spaces, relationships, and opportunities that support entrepreneurial flourishing.

She is known for her intuitive and nurturing leadership that catalyzes rich business insight and self-expression. Her background includes a Masters in Landscape Architecture focused in the design of public space in underserved communities. She worked at Floura Teeter Landscape Architects, bringing communities together through designing attractive and functional places for public gathering. She co-directs the organization with her partner, Cee Smith.

Carolyn Becker
DC Vegan Life and Goodwill, Founder and Creator

Carolyn Becker is the founder of DC Vegan Life, the DMV's premier vegan Instagram account that's focused on supporting and celebrating all things local. Restaurants, chefs, grocery stores - you name it, it has a home on the account. DC Vegan Life is truly fueled by the DMV's inspiring, innovative, creative and inclusive vegan and plant-based communities. Carolyn just operates the account, curating content, taking photos, and trying tasty dishes along the way.

Carolyn is also the Senior Manager of Digital Communications and Community Engagement for Goodwill of Greater Washington. In her role, she develops and activates social media strategies for the social channels of Goodwill of Greater Washington; Goodwill’s tuition-free adult public charter school, the Goodwill Excel Center; and Goodwill’s lifestyle and sustainability-focused brand and podcast, @FindingYourGood.

In her spare time, Carolyn is a self-proclaimed thrifty and spunky petite fashionista who manages @Petite_Punk, her personal platform that focuses on thrifty living, vintage fashion, DIY, food waste and sustainability.

Cee Smith
Cee Smith Media Group, Founder and CEO

Cee Smith is a Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Eco system builder. With more than a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, her expertise in media and business development are unparalleled. She has combined her knack for team building with the hard business rules of identifying models, developing processes, and strategizing growth for dozens of ventures. Her portfolio includes an array of businesses in the sectors of technology, film, food, entertainment, Retail and real estate. She regularly creates opportunities for women and LGBTQ entrepreneurs and startups to learn, grow, collaborate and take their business to the next level, Like she’s doing with Femme Fatale DC. An award winning pop up store and incubator, which showcases Over 130 women owned products.

Rachel Wynn
Femme Fatale DC, Feminist Business Coach

Rachel Wynn is a tenacious intersectional feminist with a passion for coaching women to start their own value-aligned business and teaching people how to balance household invisible labor.

She is also the Founder and CEO of a social media company called Starlight Social. Wynn lives with her partner David and dog-child Rufus in Washington, DC.

Tshering Yudon

Tshering Yudon is a creative entrepreneur with a background in social research and user experience design.
She started her brand MadewithKoi as a way to explore an alternative to the business-as-usual model that lacks humanity, humility, and a will to recuperate what’s been degraded and lost. “Koi” in MadewithKoi means love in Japanese and captures the essence of what the brand offers, meticulously handcrafted unique products that connect with you, inspire you, and bring you joy.

What is possible when we place communal care as the central business practice? How do we create conditions that give people a sense of personal power and our ROI is measured in agency and dignity?Join us in learning how the Femme Fatale DC ecosystem is answering these questions and changing the face of traditional entrepreneurship. A hub for womxn and non-binary creatives, entrepreneurs, and community organizers, Femme Fatale DC is a resource rich ecosystem founded on the belief that we amplify personal and financial growth by aligning with our values, our embodied identities, and our community’s well being.