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Three Keys To Negotiation Success In Challenging Times

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Susan Borke
BorkeWorks, Principal

Susan Borke, Owner and Principal of BorkeWorks, has been teaching effective negotiating techniques to business professionals at every level for over 25 years. Susan Borke’s years of experience as a media executive at CBS and in-house counsel at National Geographic, provided extensive opportunities to practice the negotiation techniques she teaches. With a background in legal and financial administration, she has managed departments and divisions that included attorneys, paralegals, and other business professionals. She understands the needs of C-level executives and their employees as well as the pressures faced by creative professionals and entrepreneurs.

During these disruptive times, we are all trying to figure out how to manage our businesses effectively. Being prepared is essential to successful outcomes in negotiation. Effective negotiation preparation consists of the right mindset, recognizing opportunities to negotiate, and following best practices. In this presentation, Susan will teach you how to activate a successful negotiation mindset, identify when to negotiate, and a proven technique you can use when negotiating with clients, contractors, staff, vendors, employers, and even friends or family.