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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Strategy On How To Build A Better Team
Tanya Wagstaff
Tanya Wagstaff
Insperity, Business Performance Advisor
Jill Silman Chapman
Jill Silman Chapman
Insperity, Senior Performance Consultant

Placing people in positions is easy. Finding the top talent who will take your business to the next level is another story. Let’s face it, your people are your business. They’re the heart of what makes your company successful. When you have the right fit, your business can expect increased profitability, performance and productivity – the three essentials to any successful business.

This workshop will cover:

  • Defining Employment Brand
  • Building A Recruiting Strategy
  • Developing A Hiring Process

This workshop is for:

  • Small business employers who want to get the best job candidates
  • Small business employers who want to improve their workforce’s retention rate
  • Startups who are ready to hire their first set of employees within the next 45-60 days