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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Finding Flow And Preventing Burnout: A StartUp Week Mini-Design Sprint
Heather Ingram
Heather Ingram
MATAGI, Author, Designer, Coach, Founder

“Flow“ is the psychological state of being at our best - it requires balancing and understanding the principles that make flow happen. Flow also known as "peak state", feels effortless and energizing and we lose a sense of time. In flow, we are not only happier and have more energy, on average we are five times more productive.

In the absence of luck, and timing, start-up success requires sustained energy, power and focused attention. Unfortunately, many start-up founders and employees burn out before their idea takes hold. This can be because they push themselves too hard, they are too tenacious and too focused on the wrong things or let their ego get in the way. Applied Flow is about understanding what gets people and organizations into flow, how to find the balance and avoid burnout. This session, Applied Flow for Start-Ups, will put participants on a path to understanding:

1. How to manage their time, energy and create flow
2. How to identify signs of burnout and channel their stress
3. How to confidently identify times to rest and practice self care or when to bear down and work harder
4. How to understand and work with other flow personality types