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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Identify your Path to Profitability
Kim Cayce
Kim Cayce
Luna Startup Labs, CEO

Creating a product is just the first step in a long, complex equation. The world must be ready for your product, and people must understand how your product solves their problem. It’s called “Product/Market Fit, and it’s often referred to as the Holy Grail of entrepreneurship.

What You’ll Learn:
This workshop is a hands-on course for founders, investors and others in the startup space to understand what Product/Market Fit is, how to know if you have it (or you don’t), how to build towards it, and how to tell the story about it when you’ve found it.

Why you want to learn it:
While any company can convince a few people to buy something, to achieve long-term success you need a larger portion of the market to get excited about what you offer. Meeting a few metrics is not enough to demonstrate market traction. This workshop will help you understand the product/market fit cycle so you can answer the fundamental question every entrepreneur must answer: Are you building a product that people want AND that people want to pay for?

How it will help you:
You will learn that it doesn’t have to be difficult to identify market fit and execute a product strategy to match; you just have to follow the proper procedure. You will get a step-by-step action plan to show you how to measure product/market fit, and develop a deeper understanding of why product-market fit is as important as the development of your product itself. You will dramatically increase your chances of success and leave with increased confidence that your “big idea” has the potential to become a viable business.