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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

/Founders Focus: Ask Founders Anything*
David Hall
David Hall
Revolution LLC, Managing Partner
Scott Case
Scott Case
Upside Business Travel, CEO & Co-founder

There's no fixed formula for dealing with an existential threat, especially a global pandemic. The uncertainty is off the charts. Scott Case, a founder who's survived (and failed) chaos like this before, is hosting daily Ask "Me" Anythings for every day of DC Startup Week. Scott will be joined by proven DC-based founders and investors each day - Tim Hwang, Toby Moore, Joe Mechlinski, and David Hall to name a few - to discuss the challenges, wins, and the future of entrepreneurship amid the chaos of now. Ask Scott and other founders your burning questions, and they'll answer live at 11AM daily throughout DC Startup Week.

*ASL interpreting is being provided by Jeenie mobile video interpreting