Monday, October 18, 2021

Leveraging a Theory of Change to Map and Measure Social Impact
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Nina Sabarre
Nina Sabarre
Intention 2 Impact, LLC, Founder & CEO

In the nonprofit sector, organizations often utilize a Theory of Change (ToC) model to articulate how their work directly results in a chain of outputs, intended outcomes, and ultimate impact. ToC models are used to allocate resources appropriately, inform strategic decisions, align program activities and services with the organization’s overall mission, and provide a framework to measure social impact. In this session, Nina Sabarre, Founder & CEO of Intention 2 Impact (I2I), will demonstrate how social enterprises can learn from the nonprofit sector to develop their own ToC model to maximize their social ROI and demonstrate impact to potential funders. Nina has over a decade of experience working with purpose-driven organizations to use data to drive their strategy, innovation, and impact. Some recent clients include Open Society Foundations, Transparency & Accountability Initiative, the Asian Pacific Islander Council of San Francisco, UN Food Systems Summit, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Elevate Prize Foundation, and Earthjustice.