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3 Skills To Sustainably Finish Any Project

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Cristina Roman
Pique Coaching, Procrastination Coach

Ready to quit procrastination, once and for all? Cristina Roman is a DC-based Certified Life Coach who helps distracted, rushed, overwhelmed mid-career entrepreneurs free up their time and energy, so that they can finally refocus on that thing they've put on the back burner. If you’re a hoarder of half-finished projects that you’d love to finally complete, she’s your coach. She half-jokes that she’s the Cross Legged Coach; her goal is always to keep things casual but wildly impactful for her clients.

Want a real brain breaker? Every single productivity challenge is a combination of one or more of just four challenges: Focus, time, priorities, and commitment. So if you can learn to troubleshoot these four areas in your life, you can learn to live in your unique Productivity Power Zone every day.

You'll walk away from this session understanding the four challenges, knowing exactly what exercises to use to troubleshoot each one, and having a clear vision for how to bridge the gap between where you are now and daily life living in your Productivity Power Zone. Life Coach Cristina Roman will be doing live coaching during the session, so prepare to get vulnerable.