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4 Needed KPIs Early Stage Startups to Track

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Angie Collier
Dupont Circle Solutions, Vice President of Biz Dev
Chrissy Andrews
Dupont Circle Solutions, Senior Director

Chrissy has over 10 years of Salesforce experience and working with scaling tech companies. She joined DCS in 2016 after working at EverFi for 5 years in roles ranging from product development to account management. With a love of creating structure and improving business processes, Chrissy has helped numerous organizations set-up, enhance, and merge their Salesforce and Pardot systems.

Chrissy earned her BA from Notre Dame and when not at the office enjoys spending as much time as possible outside.

Growth is probably top of mind for you as you’re beginning your journey. Not sure where to start? Join us for an interactive session on getting started with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). KPIs allow you to get an overview of how your business is performing at any given time.

We’ll cover:

· The goal and importance of KPIs

· Defining KPIs for your early days

· 4 Needed KPIs Early Stage Startups to Track

· Evolution of KPIs as you scale