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Building Your Team: Founders, Hiring, Culture and Recruitment


Amira El-Gawly
Manifesta and St. Plant, Founder + CEO

Amira El-Gawly is an entrepreneur, coach and writer with over 15 years

guiding executives and brands to design elevated and impactful experiences,

both internal and external, that are authentically aligned to their company's

mission and values. El-Gawly is the founder and CEO of Manifesta, a

leadership and workplace culture consultancy with a focus on team

alignment, wellbeing and performance. She speaks and coaches on a number

of topics, and is most known for her strategies on strengths-based leadership

and compassion at work. El-Gawly is also the founder of St. Plant, a business

designed to reconnect humans with nature through meaningful products and

experiences. Her favorite plant’s name is Dolly.

Chris Bordeaux
Hunt Club, General Manager

Chris is an entrepreneur, investor, and attorney keen on strategically fueling the growth of startups. Former COO of Techweek and General Counsel of Guild Capital. Current General Manager at Hunt Club and Managing Partner of LFG Ventures.

Denise Harris
The Elevated Leadership Academy, CEO/Founder

Denise is an accomplished leader, executive coach and leadership Facilitator, who has the innate ability to empower purpose driven people to fulfill their goals. She enables a growing list of executives in some of the most successful Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and government agencies to become more effective leaders and stronger communicators with a formidable leadership presence. Denise is the CEO and founder of Denise Harris Executive Coaching & Corporate Consulting, which was created to help executives and leaders increase awareness, envision possibilities, achieve insights, and accomplish meaningful and challenging goals, particularly during times of significant organizational change and uncertainty. She incorporates and infuses a passion for authentic leadership into every aspect of her work to help her clients create the space to be centered and intentional in their commitment to growth, day to day choices and interactions with others.

Claire Kennedy
Axios, Vice President, People Operations

People Operations leader with a love for fast-growth, dynamic, values-driven companies. Passionate about all things talent, culture, efficiency and building teams that go on to accomplish amazing things. Vice President of People Operations @ Axios. Chair of The Global Good Fund's executive council and Advisor to Vera Solutions.