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Crowdfunding in 2021 and Beyond: What’s it Really Like

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Lawrence Bard
Shulman Rogers, Partner

Paul Jossey
Jossey PLLC, Principal

Paul H. Jossey is principal attorney at Jossey PLLC, which specializes in JOBS Act capital raises. He is also founder of, which provides legal commentary on cryptocurrencies, equity crowdfunding, and the Securities and Exchange Commission. He authored the law review article ‘Fixing the JOBS Act and Inviting the Tokenized Future, the Need for Congressional Action,’ published in February 2021. Finally, he is an Adjunct Fellowship with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, where he researches and publishes on cryptocurrency and equity crowdfunding policy.

Gary Skulnik
Neighborhood Sun, CEO

Gary Skulnik is the founder and CEO of Neighborhood Sun, a community solar company that provides an advanced software platform to connect subscribers to projects in their area. Gary has been in the clean energy space in this area for twenty years, either as an advocate or entrepreneur.

Mariel Rošić
Wefunder, Growth & Venture Programming

Mariel helps founders and small business owners from all over the country raise from their communities on Wefunder, where she also spearheads the City Partner initiative, which focuses on supporting underestimated founders from overlooked cities and regions.

Prior to Wefunder, she provided fundraising support for women founders @Makelane, worked on the future of cohort-based education @Monthly, spent 2 years studying spinal cord stimulation devices for chronic pain treatment, and invested in student founders for 3 years with First Round Capital's Dorm Room Fund.

Crowdfunding is hotter than ever and expected to continue to surge. Learn from crowdfunding experts and entrepreneurs what its really like to successfully complete a Reg CF crowdfunding campaign.