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Founder Real Talk: How to Embrace Mental Breakdowns and Protect Your Sanity While Building a Disruptive Business

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Ajay Kori
UrbanStems, Chairman

Founder, Novilla Pharmacueticals, Allay Lamp, UrbanStems

Cami Wolff
The CANIS Shift, Founder/CEO

Cami is the CEO & founder of The CANIS Shift, a wellness company dedicated to helping people attain the best version of themselves physically and mentally. She has a passion for teaching tools, techniques, and habits to help people hone their healing and power. Her background in health-supportive nutrition, mindfulness, and emotional wellbeing creates an approachable learning environment and vast knowledge base for her clients.

Katie Shannon
SK CO, President

Katie Shannon is an expert at teaching high performers how to transcend indecision, self-sabotaging and compulsive behavior into personal power.

She has chased ambition, been terrified of love and lived a wild, extraordinary life which she now chooses to live on the road. Katie's past destructive decisions led Katie into self hatred and compulsive addictive behaviors. Food, sexual and emotional anorexia, workaholism, compulsive spending and other people became her drugs of choice. Katie was a top performing sales professional for the Four Seasons Brand and then worked for one of the most powerful executives in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia area) when she hit her personal bottom. She was showing up every day as an inauthentic version of herself which ate at her from the inside out. Katie believed there was something wrong with her and through deep work realized she was running from herself and playing small.

The truth is, she was not destined to play small and neither are her clients who she coaches both in life and career. Katie has the privilege of serving founders and executives representing companies such as Under Armour, Nike, IFC, Urban Stems, -NY Mellon and Studs. .

Cullen Gilchrist
Union Kitchen, CEO

Founder and CEO of Union Kitchen

Every successful founder has drive, a love of problem-solving and a high tolerance for pain.

During this relaxed conversation led by Life and Business Coach, Katie Shannon, we will explore different founders' raw and emotional experiences while building their companies.

  • What were the lessons in the mental breakdowns? 

  • What does sanity look like when you are married to a scaling business? 
  • Is there something beneath the drive and high tolerance for the pain we should be exploring?

This is going to be an incredible authentic talk. If you are a founder in the thick of it, you don't want to miss out!