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How To Launch A Startup Without A Technical Cofounder

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Daniel Abrams
MassLight, CEO

Daniel Abrams is the CEO of MassLight and acting CTO for many startups in MassLight’s portfolio. He holds a degree in anthropology from Emory University and was a senior software engineer at Apple prior to founding MassLight. He launched MassLight’s build-for-equity program to help founders without access to traditional funding sources and technical capacity. The program provides both capital and a team of engineers to bootstrap startups with underserved founders. He personally reviews every application from every founder applying to MassLight’s program. Daniel is based in Washington, D.C.

Did you know you don’t need to code to launch a successful startup? You don’t even need a technical cofounder. Non-technical founders are underrepresented and underserved but they can still be incredibly successful. Join Daniel Abrams, CEO of MassLight, and learn how to raise capital, build momentum, and grow your company when you don’t have technical capacity. RSVP to find out more!
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