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Loaves and Fish: How to Turn One Piece of Content Into a Year’s Worth

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Hilary Sutton
HSL Digital, CEO & Founder

Hilary Sutton is the founder of HSL Digital, a content marketing consultancy that relieves time-strapped teams of the burden of digital strategy and execution, so they can focus on their highest and best use.

She is a keynote speaker and writer who has contributed to HuffPost, the Washington Post, and USA Today. The author of several eBooks and courses, Hilary also hosts the Hustle & Grace Podcast where she explores how to cultivate a flourishing career and life.

Hilary began her career as a theatre actress, then transitioned to academics serving as professor of communications at Southern New Hampshire University. She has also held digital marketing roles at SpotCo, Pursuant, and McKinley Marketing Partners.

Hilary lives outside of Washington, D.C. with her husband and daughters. Connect with Hilary at  

Can you really turn one content piece into an entire calendar year’s worth? Yes, and Hilary Sutton will show you how.

In this session, Hilary will walk you through how one piece of content can be the gift that keeps on giving in your marketing, and how strategically repurposing content can increase sales and deliver “wow” ROI. At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify a piece of content that can expand and influence your entire editorial calendar for the year
  • Strategically expand your role from content creator to content strategist
  • Determine the most effective content pillars for your marketing
  • Work smarter, not harder, by squeezing out dozens of potential uses from one piece of content -Create a content legacy that sets your company up to monetize and reuse content for years to come