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Local SEO Strategies That Get Results

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Jimmy Newson
Moving Forward Small Business, Founder

Jimmy Newson is the founder of Jimmy Newson Consulting, a business strategy, online marketing, and sales powerhouse for small and medium enterprises. He’s been dubbed “The Impact Influencer” for the outstanding results he achieves for his clients.

Jimmy is also the Senior Advisor for the NY Marketing Association, as well as the founder of Moving Forward Small Business, a global effort to leverage the power of strategy, technology, and innovation to reduce startup failure and save 1 million businesses by 2050.

In working with national brands, such as NARAS (Grammy Awards), People Magazine, AT&T, Microsoft, and with many small businesses, Jimmy had an astounding realization: no matter the industry or the size, all clients needed someone to understand the technology and to set systems in place to fully develop an online marketing and sales strategy to increase leads and thus, profits.

To seize this opportunity, Jimmy obtained certifications from prestigious industry leaders such as Google, HubSpot, and SEMRush, and quickly positioned himself as the leading business advisor, expert speaker, and multi-certified inbound marketing and sales consultant that he is today.

When you work with Jimmy, he will bring to your project knowledge, expertise, and vision. But more importantly, he’ll bring the commitment and responsibility of producing the most effective and efficient strategy to skyrocket your profits, selecting the best tools and technology to make it happen, laying down the easiest and most expedient path for you and/or your team to follow, and ensuring an attractive ROI to make your investment worthwhile.

When you perform local SEO, you not only increase your visibility, you position yourself to beat out more regional and national brands for the same or similar products and services. Local SEO is centered around on-page optimization and your Google My Business listing.

In this webinar, I will dive deep into 11 strategies you need to build your local brand online and start to beat out your competitors.  

We Will Cover: * The Benefits of Local SEO  * 11 Strategies for Successful Local SEO * Free and Paid Tools to get the job done