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Maximize Your Energy Return On Investment [EROI]

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Adam Mutschler
The Kedar Group, Managing Partner

A Partner in The Kedar Group, Adam brings a fresh approach to Organizational Transformation and Leadership Coaching. With a decade of experience in the cutting edge technology and startup sector, he has an excellent understanding of how teams and leaders work in high stakes environments ranging in scope from startups to Fortune 100 corporations in the private sector; to small not-for-profits; to federal agencies in the public sector. In addition, Adam hosts a podcast, The Founder's Mind, where he has interviewed entrepreneurs from solo-prenuer to founders leading venture back high growth teams. Adam has a passion for working with leaders and teams - and amplifying their stories. He brings a dynamic and creative perspective with a strong orientation for driving results.

Our energy is our most valuable asset, and it is chronically mismanaged. From putting your energy towards tasks that drain you to missing crucial opportunities to build a network that brings you energy rather than takes it - there is immense potential in fine-tuning your "Energy Return On Investment" [EROI.] In this talk, you will explore ways to identify how your energy is best utilized and map out ways to fully leverage the energy you give to increase the energy you receive. In an ideal world, when we put energy out, we get energy back. So, let's calibrate your EROI and maximize your return.