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Name Your Work: Using Precise Language to be Seen and Known as an Unboxable Leader

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Dana Ray
Dana Ray Consulting, Founder & CEO

Dana Ray finds the words to name what our work is about and why it matters.

She is language strategist for unboxable leaders— the ones who can’t be confined to a simple label because their work is too nuanced, rich, and masterful. They represent diverse fields including global health, fashion, design, dance, art, photography, theater, and activism.

Dana designs experiences that set the stage to engage new thought and new speech. With keynotes and workshops for corporations and cultural changemakers, she shares the path to strong leadership through the power of precise language and expansive storytelling.

Dana was a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Bulgaria and holds a Master's in Literature and Creative Writing from Bucknell University. She continues to work internationally. She writes extensively on arts and culture, the power of language, and the beauty in our ineffable human experiences.

What you call yourself is deeper than a genre or industry. A name is an opportunity for agency, a chance to be known. When you have a name, you have a choice.

You need language as rich and precise as your vision and craft.

You want to tell the story of what has come before and what comes next and the thread that holds it all together.

Using an idea called "The Ground Truth", we'll learn how to explore our narratives and vision for the world as-it-could-be to name the impact and value of what we do. This work doesn't have to be lonely. You don't have to feel missed. And a clear definition will get you there.