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Sales Gap Management: Leveraging Key Metrics and Systems for Multiplying Revenues and Profit Margins

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Coach Nic Colbert
Coach Nic DC LLC, Chairman and Chief Coach

Hi! I'm a performance coach, instructor, and inspirational speaker for small businesses and business professionals. My company, COACH NIC DC, is based in the historic Navy Yard corridor of Washington D.C. I have a passion for improving performance results of entrepreneurs and the people that they employ. This passion also extends to nonprofits and government agencies that are looking to improve the performance of their executive team, divisional managers, and line-level professional staff.

I have over 25 years of experience coaching small business owners and training aspiring entrepreneurs. My experience and unique delivery style along with my proprietary gap management process have helped over 2,500 entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. My coaching and training style revolves around 4 core areas of improvement: sales, marketing, operations, and financing. By addressing these essential aspects of any business, I can vastly improve your business efficiencies and profitability.

One of my most significant training and coaching achievements includes a free entrepreneurship program I created with Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington. This program partnered with other community organizations like Hive 2.0 to educate aspiring entrepreneurs on how to start and successfully grow their businesses. I also conducted a 4-part series on small business coaching with We Work Labs, a global digital platform designed to support small businesses and start-ups. In this series, I was able to address the 4 main parts of my coaching process (sales, marketing, operations, and finance) to small business owners across the globe from India to Britain to right in DC.

In addition to coaching and training, I have significant experience as an inspirational speaker to small businesses and entrepreneurs. For example, I was the keynote speaker for District Connect's 2020 Small Business Contracting Expo. During the address, I provided concrete steps of how small businesses could survive the pandemic as well as inspired them to thrive beyond pre-Covid levels. Additionally, in 2018 I delivered inspirational talks to aspiring entrepreneurs at the Work Baltimore Expo. Through my talks, I helped motivate career professionals to pursue their dreams of starting their own businesses.

My business has given me the opportunity to coach, train, and inspire entrepreneurs from many countries and sectors, and I look forward to expanding the impact Coach Nic DC can have even more. Read my volunteer experience below to see how my years of advocacy work have benefited the community.

This session is for Small business founders who are looking for additional strategies for growing their companies without having to solely rely upon new customer growth.

Coach Nic will teach participants how to troubleshoot and/or improve revenue and profit margin results and track and manage key sales performance metrics through a highly efficient process.