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Telling Your Story on Purpose

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Gbenga Ogunjimi
GO GLOBAL LLC, Chief Storyteller

Gbenga Ogunjimi is a business storytelling expert. Gbenga is a West African name that means "elevate" which has led him to his life’s purpose of elevating leaders from good to great. In his quest to fulfill that purpose, Gbenga has coached hundreds of business leaders at organizations like American Express, Verizon, and the UN Foundation. He is the Executive Producer of Good to Great Stories: A Small Business Documentary. And the author of Borderless Voice: The Power of Telling Your Story and Defining Your Identity. In 2021, Gbenga’s storytelling efforts were recognized by Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, who proclaimed February 21st as Business Story Day in Washington, DC.

Behind every changemaker is a powerful story the world is waiting to hear, and that story is the messaging of one’s purpose. Whether leading a movement or a team, the ability to articulate one’s unique story and purpose makes all the difference when bringing an enterprise mission to life. In this session, you will see first-hand how the power of telling one’s story can be leveraged for purposes that include leadership, collaboration and co-creation.Expected Takeaways: Obtain the tools to craft an impactful personal, professional and organizational story. Learn to elevate your brand story by aligning the personal brands of the team with the corporate brand. Discover how to harness the latent defining moments of your story and how to use them in your personal and organizational purpose.