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Workshop: Writing User Stories and Wireframes

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Marcy Ewald
ThinkNimble, Chief Operating Officer

Marcy is a founder at ThinkNimble, a software development agency. ThinkNimble creates mobile and web applications for startups, nonprofits, and other small businesses. We work with clients to help them frame outcomes for their applications, and build those applications from conception to launch. Previously, she ran Aspire, a DC startup that improved employee perk offerings through custom-developed software tools.

William Huster
CTO, ThinkNimble

William Huster is CTO and co-founder at ThinkNimble and was an executive at exited startup, Aspire. William started out as a product and user experience designer, shifting over time to full-stack engineering. He therefore champions a decidedly user-oriented approach to product engineering. William leads the engineering team at ThinkNimble, where developers are encouraged to embody this "Product Engineer" mindset focused on delivering high-quality results to end users.

Most software developers might not want you to know this, but writing code is the easy part of building a great app. The hard part is understanding how that app solves real, human problems, and that's where you, as a founder, come in. You don't have to know how to code to prepare an excellent product for development. Still, you need to translate your solutions to the language of your development team and understand what they are going through as they build new technology. In this session, you'll hear from ThinkNimble's CTO, William Huster, and Head of Product and COO, Marcy Ewald. In this session, you'll learn: - Common misconceptions non-techies have about building technology - Prioritization matrix for MVP features - Aligning on user outcomes - How to write user stories and wireframes before approaching a developer