DC Startup Week 2022 DC Startup Week 2022

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

How to Develop A Brand for your Social Impact Business That Will Attract Your Dream Clients
Tasha Prados
Tasha Prados
Duraca Strategic, Branding & Marketing Strategy Consultant | CEO & Founder

This training is for you if… --> You are building a service-based social impact business. You know you’re going to make an incredible difference for your clients. --> You’re here to make a positive impact, and you know that to do that, you need a sustainable business. You’re ready to serve more people. --> You know you need to have a “brand,” but you’re not quite sure what yours is or how to define it. Or you already have a brand – but it doesn’t seem to be attracting the ideal clients for your business. --> You’ve done your homework on your target audience, and are ready to develop a brand that will resonate with them.

In the training, you’ll learn… --> Why your brand is so important and what makes a brand that attracts dream clients. --> How to develop your brand so that it will resonate with your ideal target audience. --> The process you should follow that will save you a lot of time and money in the long run (hint: do NOT start with a logo). Trust me, I spent four years at a top-three global ad agency doing competitor research on multi-million dollar initiatives for US government and Fortune 500 clients.

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