DeveloperWeek 2021 DeveloperWeek 2021

Friday, February 19, 2021

OPEN TALK: Realizing Agility and Velocity with a Neutral Approach to Identity
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Chris Gustafson
Chris Gustafson
Okta, Senior Solutions Engineer

Why neutral foundational elements like identity can unlock a future of agility.

Modern applications require neutrality and flexibility. Long gone are the days where a developer could rely upon a single vendor’s technology stack or assume that connecting systems would share the same language, platform, geography or timezone. Organizations have evolved from on-premises, to cloud to multi-cloud strategies and with this complexity comes the added requirement that development go faster, user stories become richer and code lives longer. Teams must demonstrate agility through neutrality in order to achieve increased velocity.

Okta is rooted in the concept that proprietary methods and restrictive ecosystems are contrary to the precepts of the modern developer. In this session, a discussion will revolve around why identity is the common thread that allows for interoperability and extensibility across systems, infrastructure and technologies. Identity isn’t a component of an application, but rather a fundamental attribute of all applications.