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Friday, February 19, 2021

OPEN TALK: Rebirth After Death: How Developers Create The Tech Renaissance Post COVID-19
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Chris Hilton
Chris Hilton
Galvanize, San Francisco Technology Evangelist

We now stand on fertile soil ready for new businesses and business models to take root in 2021 & beyond.

-Companies have raised more capital in 2020 than ever before.
-In Q3 2020, applications for Employer Identification Numbers, an indication of Start-Up business creation, reached the largest number ever recorded.
-COVID-19 was a very destructive force, but at the heart of capitalism is ‘creative destruction’

This is the cusp of the 1st major wave of the 4th Industrial Revolution which has been spoken about in rarefied places like the World Economic Forum as early as 2014. This revolution is characterized by connectivity and is faster and further reaching than the previous revolutions.

This time period inherently carries immense risk with jobs being destroyed at an unprecedented rate, technology rapidly accelerating, environmental degradation, social unrest, geopolitical changes, and mental health spiraling downward.

Yet in the midst of chaos there is also opportunity.

One of the most notable heroes of this age are Developers. People who know how to program are some of the leaders of the 4th Industrial Revolution and are, as Eric Schmidt calls us, “Smart Creatives”. When presented with problems, each of us has the ability to quickly pivot, build our technology skill stack, & create solutions that will save our communities from collapse.

In this talk we will discuss:
-Why 2021-2031 are the most important 10 years of your life
-How to focus, and what to focus on during the next 10 years
-Discuss necessary skill sets, industries, and technologies for the 4th Industrial Revolution
-How to save humanity from the Dark Ages and bring us into the Tech Renaissance