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Thursday, February 18, 2021

PRO SESSION: Bringing Responsible AI to the Enterprise
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Conor Jensen
Conor Jensen
Dataiku, Director of AI Consulting

Conor Jensen, Director of AI Consulting at Dataiku, works at the intersection of abstract data models and real people. Having worked with clients of all sizes and across a multitude of sectors, Conor has developed a deep understanding of the challenges companies face when incorporating responsible AI into their business model. Thanks to his work with Global 2000 companies (including Morgan Stanley, Comcast, and GE Aviation), all of whom are working to bring data out of silos, Conor is well equipped to speak to explainable AI and the importance of transparency in AI workflows and models, and how that translates to responsible applications of AI in the enterprise.

One key aspect of responsible AI is that it supports the democratization of data. Particular organizational structures, such as those that silo data into an isolated department, have unintended negative consequences, while the most successful enterprise AI applications are human-centered systems that support collaboration, agility, and access. The best way to maximize the value extracted from data is to encourage a culture of collaboration around data, and to allow people throughout a company access to cleaning, modeling, and analysis of data regardless of if they have the word “data” in their job title. Conor's session will explore how companies can build their own guidelines around ethical, explainable AI, and offer attendees best practices on how to responsibly apply AI in the enterprise to organize and use data. In using these best practices, companies across industries across can optimize their data management strategies to drive business value.