DeveloperWeek 2021 DeveloperWeek 2021

Friday, February 19, 2021

FEATURED TALK: Transitioning to the Internet of Intelligence (IoI): How to Leverage IoT as an Enablement Layer to Develop IoI Solutions
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Drew Ehlers
Drew Ehlers
Zebra Technologies, Global Futurist

Join Zebra Technologies’ Global Futurist, Drew Ehlers, to further understand global trends influencing the current supply chain landscape and the emerging use case problems that need to be solved. Discussion will include an in-depth look at the evolving development approaches to solving problems, as well as best practices and use cases for leveraging IoT as an enablement layer to create opportunities for IoI solutions. Drew will illustrate usage of sensors, on-premises software, hybrid, cloud, microservices, edge computing, computer vision, machine vision, point cloud data, and Machine learning, to name a few, used to solve these problems.